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The story of my Adventure Art

Back in 2016,  being a burnt-out young professional in the corporate world, I was looking for a hobby to help me destress. I started solo hiking and with that, I also took a small watercolor kit with me. I thought: If I'm spending so much time looking at landscapes, I might as well try to sketch them, and learn to use watercolors in the process. (Btw, hiking and painting worked great as a destressor!)


The practice of painting on my adventures has stayed with me and now I never leave my small art kit at home. If at the beginning I just tried to sketch the landscape as close as I could, then now I have a different approach. When painting on location, I observe what kind of FEELINGS the place gives me. And then I let those feelings guide my brush across the pages. Letting go, feeling free. Adding lines and pencilwork where it feels right. Nothing done with the mind. All done with the HEART.


Painting abstractly lets me explore all that is unseen. These adventure art pieces are powerful, filled with emotions, calmness, power, insight, and remembering me to just let go. Because that's when the magic happens. 

"Take The Time" Limited Edition Print

PriceFrom 35,00 €
  • Limited edition art print from Maiu Lünekund's mixed media painting "Take The Time". The original piece (sized 9x14cm) was inspired by the Algarve coast in Portugal and painted into a sketchbook on location. 


    This is a Fine Art Giclée print printed on archival quality 100% cotton rag paper (255g/m2) with archival quality pigment inks.  The paper has a velvety matte finish and looks and feels like an original! Every piece has a 2cm wide white border.


    This print has a limited edition of 25, whitch means once it sells out it will never be restocked again. Every print is hand numbered and signed on the white border by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

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