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Hiking in Estonia #1
Best time to visit, trails, camping and transportation

In this video you will find out what's the best time to visit Estonia, what language you can use here, where to find info about hiking trails, where you can camp and how to reach the trails and camping places. 

Hiking in Estonia #2
Wildlife, restocking and emergencies

It his video I will tell you what kind of (dangerous) wildlife we have here, what’s the restocking situation with food, water and fuels; and what to do if you have an emergency out on the trails. 

3 best multi day hikes in North-Estonia

If you are thinking of doing some longer hikes in Estonia then let me introduce you to 3 of my favorite trails in North-Estonia. 

13 best day hikes in North-Estonia

Here are 13 best day hikes in North-Estonia! Some are accessible with trains, some with cars, some are more popular, others less crowded. There's a trail for every taste!

New long distance hiking trail in Estonia:
Baltic Coastal Hiking

There's a new long distance hiking trail in town! The Baltic Coastal Hiking trail that covers 1200km of coastal areas in Latvia and Estonia. It's a nice nature AND culture experience as besides coastal meadows, forests and beaches it passes many fisherman villages, including my lovely home village ;)

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