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Budget hiking gear:
where to spare and where to spend?

Don't let money get between you and your hiking adventures - you can use a lot of low-budget items as backpacking gear!I listed 7 budget hiking gears that I have been using for the last year and they all have worked well for me. 

Tarp shelter in rain:
3 setups with added schemes

Tarp is the cheapest shelter out there (I got mine from Ebay with 30€) and here I'll show you 3 possible setups that you can use when out camping in rain or sun. 

Tarp camping tips for beginners

Tarp camping is an awesome alternative for tent camping! In this video I'll share all my tips that I have learned while camping and hiking with a lightweight tarp with me.

Budget DIY mosquito net for tarps

Sleeping under a tarp is a lot of fun but not when 1000 mosquitoes are attacking you. So I did a 2-person mosquito net for myself and it was a really easy and cheap project! 

Cheap and easy DIY gaiters

DIY your own gaiters from old pants! All you need is old hiking or rain pants, a sewing machine and you can have great gaiters for a third of the price you pay for in the outdoor store. 

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