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06. Carry Me_5.jpg

Original art and limited edition prints



My sketchbook

comes everywhere

with  me


My       hikes

From a stressed office worker to an aspiring adventurer above the Arctic Circle -

I have plenty of experiences to share.  



I have over 150 videos on my YouTube channel with a lot of info about:

  • vlogs from my hiking adventures

  • hiking in Estonia

  • budget hiking gear

  • dog hiking gear

  • tips about trails I have hiked

  • and more!

Hi, I'm Maiu!

I'm an artist and adventurer from Estonia. Most of all I enjoy crisp mornings, challenging hikes, and painting "summit pics" in my sketchbook. I have two Alaskan huskies called Linkka and Odezza, and a little red van called Elfi. My favorite place to roam around is  North Scandinavia, but South Europe isn't a stranger to us either. 

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